Our History

During World War II, the area around Iqaluit was surveyed in anticipation of the construction of the airport. Surveyors were dispatched during the summer of 1941 and first identified high spots on the headlands for the first survey points.
 These would serve as the primary stations in their triangulation network.

One of these high spots is the rocky bluff in the "heart of Iqaluit".

Canadian surveyors made an astronomical determination of the precise geographical position of this marked point and it became the key to the whole survey region.

Hence, this prominent location became known - as it is today - Astro Hill.


Astro Hill Today

Today we offer "life at your doorstep" with all of the modern-day conveniences.  A place where you can live, learn, work, shop, and play.  The community is in the heart of Iqaluit with spectacular views of the Koojesse Inlet and the cityscape.

Please explore the neighborhood and community below.