Astro Hill – #1 Location to Rent in Iqaluit

Astro Hill is not only the place to be in Iqaluit – but it is the place to live your life to the fullest. With Iqaluit's top dining and entertainment at your doorstep, you won't find a more convenient location.

Whether you're seeking short-term accommodation or plan to stay a while – coming alone or moving the whole family – you will find a variety of apartments and townhomes to live in that will suit your needs, budget and lifestyle. All have modern contemporary finishes and many offer a premium appliance package, including dishwashers, washers and dryers. All are extremely well maintained, offer excellent sound insulation, and are built to provide warmth and comfort on the coldest arctic evening.

There are 350 apartment and townhouses available for rent in Iqaluit, all professionally managed and impeccably maintained.

Unmatched Security

No matter where in Canada you live, safety is a top priority. To put tenants' minds at ease, all Astro Hill units are protected by electronic access with security cameras and onsite security personnel for our onsite complex security monitoring.